Greenhouse Project

This project is not yet as much a do-it-yourself project as the others on this site because I started from a kit. I assembled the kit from Harbor Freight Tools during the summer of 2009. The greenhouse sits on a metal frame which is mostly buried in the ground. I was surprised how much work it was to build this greenhouse, it took me several weekends to get it done.

I plan to build permanent work benches inside and device an electronic temperature control. I hope to run water and electricity to it as well.

These pictures were taken April 17, 2011 after I did spring maintenance. One roof tile had blown off during a winter storm, and two more had dislocated a little. The tiles are held in place by spring clips and all were still attached to the frame. The tiles are double panes of UV-coated polycarbonate. The doors are located on the east side.

Greenhouse front

This shows the greenhouse from the north-west.

Greenhouse back

There are two sliding doors. The bottom track tends to collect dirt and get gritty. I will dig around the track a bit to prevent us from kicking dirt into it.

Greenhouse door

There are four vents in the roof. They are so high up I cannot reach them without something to stand on. The vents can be opened in several steps. They have to be latched whether they are open or closed, otherwise the wind will open them and the lever ends up on top of the roof.

Greenhouse vent

An old picnic table serves as a temporary workbench until I have time to build something permanent. Here we have starts for tomatoes, petunias, and some other flowers.

Inside greenhouse, north side

On the south side we have the benches from the picnic table set up as a work table.

Inside greenhouse, south side

Lisa has started various vegetables from seeds in sterilized pots. There is leaf lettuce, red kale, Siberian kale, parsley, basil, zucchini, cucumber, and probably some I forgot. Most of these will end up in one of our two gardens once they get a healthy start in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse back