My Homebrewing Projects

These pages are devoted to my homebrew related projects.

Kegerator from Chest Freezer


I converted a 7.2 cu ft Frigidaire chest freezer to a four-tap kegerator.


Electric Brewery 3D Model

Electric Brewery 3D Model

Before I started building my electric brewery I created a 3D model using Google Sketchup. This allowed me to try out a few things before starting the build.
3D Brewery Model Images

SketchUp model available at Sketchup 3D Warehouse.

Electric Brewery Construction Pictures

Electric Brewery Pics

I have been taking pictures during the construction of my electric brewery. This is a work in progress and I will add pictures as the work continues.

E-brewery Pictures, updated April 16, 2011.

Wiring diagram in PDF format

Mash Physics

I am interested in the physics involved in brewing beer. This knowledge will help me make better beer.

Mash Physics describes my take on this topic.

Mash Calculator is a calculator that can help selecting the strike water temperature for the mash.